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Certified Financial Planner

Lunsford Financial Planning, Inc. provides investment advice and management services for our clients. LFP is a registered investment advisory firm with the state of Colorado.

We provide two plans to meet our clients needs:

  • Self-Directed Investment Advice for those clients who wish a professionally designed investment portfolio but are looking to implement and monitor the porfolio themselves. Advice can be on taxable, IRA, or 401(k) accounts.

  • Managed Accounts for those who wish to delegate the implementation and monitoring activities of their investment portfolio to a professional.

All investment clients receive the following:

  • Fiduciary responsibiliy from the financial planner

  • Risk Tolerance Assessment

  • Asset Allocation and Portfolio design that matches your goals, investment time horizon and risk tolerance

  • Meetings and communications necessary for you to monitor and discuss your investments.

In additional to the above services, Managed Account clients receive these additional services:

  • Implementation of the portfolio

  • Continuous investment supervision

  • Annual reports
    • Performance Review

    • Realized Gain / Loss statment for taxes

  • Rebalancing of the portfolio, when needed