Case Study 2

Are we on the right track to retire?

Ben and Debra
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Ben and Debra were some years away from retiring, but they knew it paid to be prepared. While Ben had a Masters in finance and felt confident in his financial knowledge, they wanted verification from an expert to ensure they were on the right track to retire…


Ben was fairly confident in his investment choices, but even so, he and his wife Debra wanted to gain a better understanding of what would happen when they started dipping into their investments. They needed to know for sure if they’d be able to retire, and assure their financial security for the future.


Ben and Debra had questions that kept them up at night.

  • Would they be able to retire without sacrificing life quality?
  • What were the tax implications when they started to dip into their investments?
  • What if one of them got hurt or fell sick?

They’d also had a negative experience with their previous financial advisor, feeling like just another client and lacking a personal relationship.


Ben and Debra wanted someone with experience, who was fee-only and who they felt personally comfortable with.

They pulled up Google and found several financial advisors online. They talked to each of them, and in the end they hit it off best with Shannon.

He seemed attentive and genuine when he listened to their concerns.

When he presented information and solutions, he used statistical data and examples to back up his views. This resonated with Ben’s math-oriented mindset.

They also liked that Shannon was low-key and attentive, making them feel comfortable and at ease.


Ben was concerned that their new financial advisor might want to restructure the couple’s investments, but he actually backed up the couple’s choices.

He provided guidance on how to maximize their retirement savings and take out funds in a way that minimized taxes.

Now, no matter what happens, they know their financial decisions are based on clear, solid reasoning, backed up by data. They’re looking forward to enjoying their golden years in comfort.

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